The Club leadership would like to remind everyone that this election is a very important one for the 2nd amendment. Our gun rights are being challenged again by our so called Governor.. Mr. Cuomo. He has already said that he has Safe Act 2 in his agenda when he is reelected. He won his last election by a slim margin, because people DID NOT GET OUT TO VOTE..! Remind all of your friends and family to vote. Let's MAKE NEW YORK GREAT AGAIN, Throw the bums out and clean up the sewer that is Albany.
Elect supporters of the 2nd amendment and the rule of law.

Have an event to post. Email the flyer to us and it may be posted here.

We encourage anyone that has an Android or Iphone to install this application. 
This app has GPS, maps, hunter information and applications galore. It also has an ALERT button you can use to call for help in Emergencies. And the best part is it is FREE.
Please check it out...!

 Hunter Safety Courses
 People looking to get their hunting safety course should go to the 
Dept of Conservation  "Education" website. You will find it on our "links" site on the left hand of this page. There you can sign up for a course in your area. 
Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

The web link is: http://www.dec.ny.gov/26.html